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Key Features to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange
Admin 25-June-2022

Key Features to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Using cryptocurrency exchange development, companies can use various ways to make money. You can buy multiple cryptocurrencies and wait for their value to increase. You can "mine" one or more cryptocurrencies (ASICs) using strong graphics cards or specialized equipment. You might purchase cloud mining capacity or put money into a bitcoin fund. A bitcoin exchange can also be started.

Many market participants were encouraged to try their luck at starting a cryptocurrency exchange development company by Binance, one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange development companies and the source of $7.7 trillion in volume in 2021. But where do We begin? And what qualities and characteristics distinguish EnclaveFx Techno from this platform as effective?

An explanation of cryptocurrency exchange development company:

A platform offering services for exchanging digital currencies, fiat currencies, or national currencies is a cryptocurrency exchange development company.

They provide quick transaction times and inexpensive fees. Because of these advantages, a crypto exchange development service is an excellent option for both small and large investors. Users registered on one of these sites can purchase and sell digital currency, monitor changes in exchange rates, and make money with it.

Typically, a bitcoin exchange transaction happens in the manner described below:

  • Visitors to the platform post requests for trade. They must decide on the price and supply of a specific coin.

  • These users can finalize the agreement if there is already a recorded pertinent counter-offer on the platform.

  • A portion of the transaction is paid to the service. Depending on the exchange platform, the sum will vary. Binance, for instance, only levies a 0.1 percent fee on each transaction.

What Constitutes a Crypto Exchange development services Success Factors?

Most cryptocurrency exchange development companies' main success factors are as follows:


It is crucial to building client trust because the bitcoin market and transactions are essentially unregulated. Exchanges operate so that a client may only receive money into their account after transferring it to the business (in fiat or cryptocurrency exchange development company). Nobody will be motivated to make trades on the exchange if there are questions regarding the exchanger's reliability. Working honestly and consistently seeking feedback are the only methods to win customers' trust. Reviews. To quickly fix any difficulties as they arise, it is crucial to offer 24-hour help chat (or at least support that is available till late at night).


Your offer should be competitive, with commission rates and amounts no lower than the standard market offer. A cryptocurrency's exchange development company's average price can be found on Major exchanges, but it's also essential to compare it to its rivals' costs. While others do the opposite, some discussions misrepresent the rate to charge a lesser commission.

The following factors also affect a cryptocurrency exchange development company's relevance:

Number of cryptocurrencies that can be traded

the variety of payment options (cards, electronic payment systems, and wallets)

monetary cap

level of support service quality

Essential Steps in Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Exchange development company:

 The following characteristics make up the core of a cryptocurrency exchange platform:

Verification and authorization. One of the critical points of user interaction with your platform is a straightforward onboarding procedure. It is essential to enable two-factor authentication and anti-bot verification to guarantee transparent transactions and eradicate fraud. Ensure your bitcoin exchange platform has a good UX/UI design to make the registration process uniform and user-friendly.

Trading software. The core of your platform controls the functionality of your bitcoin exchange. Thanks to the trading engine, the system can check the funds in user accounts. It ensures that a transaction can happen, processes data on costs and fees, make timetables, connects offers with bids, and performs various other tasks. For customers to track real-time trading data and manage their assets, a high processing speed must be guaranteed at this level.

Developing a trading engine is one of the most critical and challenging aspects of building a cryptocurrency exchange development company platform. Work with an accomplished group of blockchain developers at EnclaveFX Techno to create an effective architecture.

Interface for use. The interface's simplicity and clarity are the main requirements in this case. People see your exchange through the user interface. Users should be able to quickly place buy and sell orders and examine the most recent order book, transactions, balances, statistics, etc., through the admin panel. Use graphs to make the material more accessible and more straightforward to read and understand.

Wallet. After registration is complete, a user should get their purse right away. Make sure wallets support secure transactions, permit rapid user replenishment, and allow withdrawals to a card or account.

Wallets come in two varieties: cold and hot. A hot wallet is a primary method for adding money to and taking money out of a user's account. As a fallback, a cold wallet is utilized. It is not internet-connected and is not fraud-protected. Users can receive either a hot wallet or both.

Transaction history and the order book. An order book is a ledger that records users' buy and sells orders. A cryptocurrency exchange development company completes the transaction between the users when an order discovers an offer that meets its requirements. The executed orders vanish from the list in such circumstances.

The list of completed deals, often known as the trade history list, contains information on transactions. Users can accurately trace their activities thanks to this.

Tools for traders' analysis. Users can get the essential data about market trends and, based on this, design their strategy, thanks to an internal analytical system. It is crucial to select the technical indicators you want to use and integrate them into your cryptocurrency exchange development company platform. The Moving Average (MA), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Stochastic RSI (StochRSI), and Bollinger Bands are a few of the indicators (BB).

Notifications through push. With these notifications, you can stay in touch with your users and ensure they are aware of significant happenings. Your users get important announcements regarding pertinent promotions, news, and special deals with the aid of alerts. Traders can receive notifications regarding price changes, shifts in market trends, exchange listing updates, etc.

Which notifications users wish to receive should be up to them.

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Exchange

A bitcoin exchange can be built in one of two ways technically. Writing the code "from scratch" is the first step. You will require a trained coder familiar with how the bitcoin market operates. In the end, you'll have a unique exchange platform design and a design with your needs in mind. You can anticipate versatile functionality inside your exchange platform because the code will be created following your wishes (more accurately, following customer interests).

Purchase of a ready-made exchange template is the second option. Although it will launch faster and for less money, its versatility can be limited because you won't be able to alter the script on your own. As a result, the functionality of the exchange platform will be restricted by the script's developer.

It is preferable to continue with the first choice to improve and evolve to satisfy ever-changing market trends continuously. Get regular advice and assistance from a team of experts at EnclaveFX Techno to succeed.

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